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diversion in space  
09:55am 27/06/2009
gofer demoted: cache all plundered.  gofer's inability to show SELF discipline staggers the mind. per second, as the evening waned and others retired, gofer suffered some sort of delusions. began chanting, dancing, and otherwise mocking limitations.  several boatswain attempted a suppression, but inebriation made the gofer unmatchable.  tired, shamed, and defeated, the coxswain, angered over the destruction, smashed the last bottle over the gofer's head.  will pause at the closest outstation, a league or so away from zed.  gofer's confined to the stockade, but knowledge of zed and surrounding areas will mean her due release at our secondary and primary stops.  have attempted show of good faith by contacting zed prior to arrival, but signal has not been returned. expect a larger can of redbull necessary, as connection has proven unreliable.

end transmission 5.

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