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aspercreme in space  
09:54pm 29/06/2009
arrival at zed; found things to be messy (overrun, chaos, general damnation in every sense); handled accordingly (via separation / termination of living & un-); sorted sane from in-; torched the useless; a charred, depopulated place left for any remnants.  have since loaded ship, gathered crew, & set to continue colonizing this aerial web. grateful to smith & wesson for financing our foray.  final observation: zed is a rather dull, rather dead place. 

prepping second voyage, at present suspended flight is only desired action; three leagues away from any areas of note.  retiring after dinner for the horrid & the honored dead.  pulled muscle (back) when reaching for fallen iPod & desirous of a good night's rest.

end transmission 8.
music: knight's of cydonia - muse
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